Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages

TESOL: Worldwide Opportunities to Serve Christ

ILN graduates holding TESOL certificates are currently serving Christ, teaching English on every continent. Many nations closed to traditional missions have a great demand for teachers of American English.

Lay people, who have completed this course, are using their English-teaching skills in their local church to reach the foreign-born in their communities. This teaching experience provides many opportunities to share the gospel. Other graduates are reaching foreign students by teaching English here in the U.S. on university campuses across the country.

The Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages (TESOL) program at International Language Navigators has become one of the most effective tools available for reaching internationals in the United States, and on the foreign mission field. Qualified and experienced instructors will introduce you to theory and methods enabling you to teach listening, speaking, reading, writing, and grammar in an interactive way to students whose native language is not English.

After completing twelve hours of in-class course work, you will begin a TESOL practicum allowing you to teach, in a supervised environment, small groups of students who are actually learning English as a second language.



Our TESOL program is divided into the following five courses:

  • TESOL I introduces principles of language learning and gives an overview of language teaching methods. Students explore the relationship between culture and language. They will also practice teaching English to beginners and children by acting out Bible stories.
  • TESOL II gives students a review of English grammar and allows them to practice interactive teaching methods using group work. Students will learn the basics of teaching listening and speaking including specific things that make spoken language difficult.
  • TESOL III students will practice teaching grammar as well as reading and writing. An emphasis is placed on preparing international students for the TOEFL test and teaching children.
  • TESOL IV students complete a teaching English practicum. This experience allows students to teach English and the Bible for a minimum of 15 hours.
  • Applied English Linguistics prepares students to teach reading through systematic spelling using intensive phonics. This course equips students to teach phonics, reading, and spelling to young children, struggling teens, adult illiterates, and internationals. An emphasis is placed on modeling and practicing these multisensory instructional techniques.

Classes are offered every fall and spring semester and summer module.

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